Among Us Player Learns About Emergency Meetings Limits the Hard Way

Among Us Player Learns About Emergency Meetings Limits the Hard Way

One Among Us player learns the hard way that there is a limit to how many emergency meetings they can call, but too late for their own good.

One gamer found out the hard way that there is a limit to how many times an emergency meeting can be called in Among Us. As the indie game continues its popularity surge, fans are discovering more about the ins and outs of the game mechanics. Sometimes, however, these lessons come at a cost, as one player found out during their recent gaming experience.

Among Us has become a staple in the gaming community over the last few months. Being both entertaining in its escapism, and social in its multiplayer format, InnerSloth’s lockdown party favorite has continued to rise in popularity. Last month alone, the game was nearly as successful as Pokémon GO was in its heyday during 2016. Given the history and popularity that Pokémon already possessed before the release of its mobile augmented reality game, this is an incredibly impressive accomplishment from the underdogs at InnerSloth who, before this summer, were relatively unknown in the gaming world.

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As with all games, a lot of the inside knowledge for Among Us comes from a first-hand experience of the gameplay. The more gamers play, the more accustomed they will become with the use of vents, the subtle sabotage and the psychological deduction required to win a round. Sometimes these lessons come at a price though, as ReTrEx discovered. In ReTrEx’s video, the unfortunate crewmate learns that there are, in fact, a predetermined limit to how many emergency meetings a player can call during the round, as they desperately try to make it to the switch to call a meeting before the Impostor catches them. Unfortunately, they have already used up their meeting allowances, leaving the door wide open for the Impostor to strike. And strike they do, leaving the ghostly apparition of ReTrEx to watch the rest of the game unfold without them. This video is incredibly relatable to other Among Us gamers who have been similarly caught out.

There does not seem to be any stopping Among Us in its domination of the video game world. Knocking Fall Guys from the top spot of lockdown must-have, it has inspired numerous parodies and homages to spring up in every corner of the internet. As more people are staying at home of late, the creative sparks in all walks of life have been well and truly fanned by the social deduction game.

In the future, hopefully ReTrEx will not run out of emergency meeting uses again. Although that said, it is nice to have someone else take the fall on behalf of all the other Among Us gamers, and allow them to use these experiences to enhance their own in game knowledge. Sometimes the needs of the many truly do outweigh the needs of the few.

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Among Us is available for PC, iOS, and Android

Source: ReTrEx

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