Arrow: Canaries Spinoff Decision Expected Soon

Arrow: Canaries Spinoff Decision Expected Soon

Arrow fans will find out the fate of the Green Arrow and the Canaries spinoff “very soon” according to Arrowverse producer Marc Guggenheim.

Arrow fans will find out if the CW is picking up its spinoff series Green Arrow and the Canaries very soon,” according to producer Marc Guggenheim. Arrow wrapped its eight-season run earlier this year, completing the story of hero Oliver Queen. However, questions remained following the series finale, especially about the mysterious green, glowing box John Diggle encountered in the episode’s final moments. Some feel the Green Lantern tease may pay off in the future, such as in HBO Max’s upcoming Green Lantern TV series, though nothing has been revealed yet. However, some Arrow characters could still have a home on The CW next season.

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The Green Arrow and the Canaries spinoff has been of interest to fans since its backdoor pilot aired near the end of Arrow‘s final season. The potential show would be set in a Star City of the future and focus on Oliver’s daughter, Mia, as she wrestles with her father’s legacy and becomes the Green Arrow. As seen in the pilot, she would be assisted by Earth-2 Laurel Lance and Dinah Drake, the Canaries. However, The CW hasn’t announced a decision on a pickup for the series, even after revealing its schedule for next year. At the time, CW president Mark Pedowitz reassured fans Green Arrow and the Canaries was still in contention, saying “We have a strategy involved, hopefully we can pull it off.

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Unfortunately, these comments were made over a month ago, leaving Green Arrow and the Canaries in a state of limbo. Earlier this week, though, Guggenheim, who often shares updates and behind-the-scenes details with fans on Twitter, revealed those involved with the show are still hoping it’s picked up, saying, “We should receive word — one way or another — very, very soon.

Arrow fans should be happy to hear this update, though it’s understandable it’s taken The CW this long to make a decision. For one, the Arrowverse is already pretty large at this point, with Batwoman joining the fold last season and Superman & Lois already given a series order for next year. Considering the last new Arrowverse show before that was Legends of Tomorrow in 2016, it’s clear two new shows in two years is a big jump for The CW. The success of spinoff shows is also difficult to predict; there have been some that have become equally or even more famous than the original show, but others that have crashed and burned. Having the built-in fans of the original series helps, but isn’t always enough.

It’s also hard to imagine how Green Arrow and the Canaries could fit into The CW’s schedule, especially since all new scripted programming, including the Arrowverse, is being held until 2021. It’s possible the network could expand its summer season, with the Arrow spinoff airing at that time. However, it would likely face a harder path to success there. Of course, none of this will matter if The CW decides to pass on the series. Either way, fans should find out about Green Arrow and the Canaries soon.

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