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How To Set Up Two-Step Verification with Authy

Authy is the best alternative to Google Authenticator to run two-step verification with your Android smartphone. In this article, we’ll show you how this app works.

Due to the fact that many database passwords are blocked by hackers, by which an account with only a password is no longer sufficient. Enable two-step verification is another means to make your account a lot safer. However, someone also needs a code with your password in order to have access to your account.

One of the most popular apps to enable two-step verification is Google Authenticator. This app has one big shortcoming: losing your device or smartphone means you lose access to the codes for your accounts. If you buy a new device or stolen your smartphone, you will need to reset all your accounts to another device.

With Authy, you don’t have this problem. The two-step verification for all of your accounts can be synchronized with this service with the help of Authy account, which means that you only need to log in to your account again. This way you can access your login codes, such as a tablet or even a PC, on multiple devices.

This is How To Set Up Authy

  1. Open the Authy app and create an account. For this, you only need your phone number and your email address.
  2. Specify whether to activate your account by SMS or by a phone call.
  3. Enter the received registration code (I mean the code sent to you through an SMS).
  4. Then you will be taken to the main menu where you can add different accounts.

Watch the video below for better understanding:

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Authy multi-device two-factor authentication.


After you have added an account, the app will show a new code every 30 seconds to log in. These codes are automatically generated and refresh. The logos at the bottom of the main menu allow you to switch between the different accounts you have added. On their Official website, you will find instructions for different websites and how to set up two-step verification for associated accounts.

The nice thing about Authy is that the app supports all services that work with Google Authenticator. Examples include Gmail, Twitter and Facebook, but also websites such as Twitch, Slack and Discord. Authy also offers a push function for websites that support this, your phone will automatically display a notification when you try to log in.


Where To Download Authy

Via the link below, Authy is free to download for your Android. The app runs on almost any Android version and requires only a few megabytes of storage.

Download Authy in Google Play (free)
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