Batwoman’s New Batmobile Revealed In Season 2 Set Photos

Batwoman’s New Batmobile Revealed In Season 2 Set Photos

Batwoman season 2 set photos show off Ryan Wilder’s amazing new Batmobile, which features red accents and a neat bat symbol on the hood.

Stunning new Batwoman set photos show off Ryan Wilder’s Batmobile. Batwoman is one of the newer additions to The CW’s Arrowverse. However, the series has encountered its fair share of production challenges due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. To that end, Batwoman resumed filming season 2 last week after a shutdown related to coronavirus testing delays. 

Batwoman has not only had to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic but also a major character shake-up between seasons 1 and 2. More specifically, Ruby Rose, who played titular character Kate Kane, announced she would be leaving the show earlier this year. As a result, the writers created the character of Ryan Wilder, who unexpectedly takes up the mantle to become the next Batwoman. It was later announced actress Javicia Leslie had been cast in the role, with Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries saying she knew Leslie was the right pick immediately. 

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Since filming on season 2 has now resumed, photos and videos from set have begun popping up online again. Twitter users Awesome Friday and Pagey both posted a series of set photos that highlight Batwoman’s new Batmobile. Images show a sleek black car adorned with accents, as well as a bat symbol on the hood. In addition, another set photo – as well as a video – show Leslie with the Batmobile, dressed in her Batwoman costume. You can check out these cool new pictures below:

The Batmobile has always played an important part in Batman lore; considering Batman and the rest of the Bat family can’t fly, the Batmobile is the fastest way to cruise around Gotham. There have been multiple iterations of the Batmobile throughout various Batman movies and TV shows, each with its own unique sense of style. For instance, The Dark Knight trilogy featured a clunkier, tank-like Batmobile, while Batman: The Animated Series opted for a sleeker version. That being said, Batwoman spent most of season 1 riding a motorcycle, and it’ll be cool to see her safeguarding the city with a Batmobile of her own.

Leslie will also be receiving a new Batsuit in addition to her ride. While she’ll will start the season in Kate Kane’s old costume, the suit will eventually evolve to fit Ryan Wilder’s style. Moreover, there’s also been some speculation Leslie will no longer wear Batwoman’s red wig as season 2 progresses. Regardless of what happens, though, it’s evident Leslie is more than ready to join the Arrowverse, will her portrayal of Batwoman helping elevate an already iconic superhero.

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