The best moments of 2017 that we have experienced in technology

What are the great moments that have revolutionized the world of high technology this year?

We are already at the end of 2017 and we want to remember these moments with you: evolution, money, anniversaries, nostalgia … We are going to travel in time!

The Nokia 3310 returns through the front door

Many of you already know the famous Nokia 3310, even if only by its name, since it was a great legend among mobile phones. A few years after the appearance of the first 3310, the technological advance made it fall into disuse, giving it its status as an ancient relic. Last year, however, has returned to put in the spotlight because Nokia, through its buyer, HMD, has decided to launch a new model of this device renewed.

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The truth is that the Nokia 3310 has nothing special (or even have WiFi), but HMD has decided to play the letter of Nokia nostalgia to attract attention to their new products. In his first year, he has not excelled as he would have liked, but this year should be better.

Android Oreo is born

Each year is marked by a new version of Android. Google has played with associating the name of a candy with a letter to create the name of its versions. In this way, the “M” was called Android Marshmallow, the “N”  for Android Nougat, etc. Last year, there has been no presentation of this new version, before the astonished eyes of the viewers, but only the name was unveiled: Android O was renamed Android Oreo.

Obviously, this new version has only added a layer to the problem of Android fragmentation: at this moment there are as many users with Android Oreo as with Android Ice Cream Sandwich. We hope that the manufacturers help Google to solve this problem with the help of Android Go, but it seems difficult that this will happen.

iPhone celebrates its tenth anniversary

iPhone has matured. It has been 10 years and now he is a little man who (finally) cares about fashion and trends, and has decided to adopt a screen without borders, facial recognition and has decided to innovate and abandon the Start button. The most cynical mock: “They have had to spend 10 years to finally have decided to change their mind”, to which we reply that Apple has always had a horde of fans who have been faithful, and to celebrate their anniversary, Apple has decided to offer an iPhone something different.

Of course, now it is left for users to decide to pay for their anniversary gift, and this is the bitter drink, since the new device of the brand of the apple cannot be found for less than $1385, something that has probably been seen influenced by Android manufacturers, which do nothing but raise the prices of their products. For example, Samsung has released its Note 8 for more than $1195.

Google has bought part of HTC

That HTC was not at its best which is no secret to anyone. After a phase of negotiations, Google decided to offer HTC’s mobile division more than one billion dollars. But beware, this does not mean that Google has bought HTC and that now the Taiwanese company belongs to him, but that the two companies are going to work closely together. This fact is not something new since HTC already worked in the construction of Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel 2.

HTC continues to create smartphones that it commercializes under its own name, as well as its virtual reality department continues with its activities. The HTC Vive is, with the Oculus Rift, a reference to virtual reality glasses, and HTC intends to continue developing this technology in the future.

Huawei uses a chip dedicated to artificial intelligence

A few years ago, artificial intelligence seemed to have another futuristic concept worthy of a science fiction story. Now it is a reality, and the most evident proof is the Google Assistant, which can be found on many smartphones and connected devices. The artificial intelligence, in these moments, is synonymous with numerous logical algorithms, but perhaps this coming year this technology takes a more material form.

Huawei decided to install a somewhat special chip on its Mate 10 Pro: an NPU. This chip allows you to quickly perform calculations related to artificial intelligence, such as recognizing objects or people in real time in order to improve the rendering of images. It can also be used to make translations online, first with the text and later with the voice. This leads us to think that, over time, will develop its potential to give new uses.

And to you, what moment of this year did you find more remarkable?

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