Captain Marvel Discovers Her Final, Future Fate

Captain Marvel Discovers Her Final, Future Fate

Captain Marvel #22 draws strong parallels to Kelly Thomspon’s Captain Marvel: The End, confirming the final sacrificial act that will seal her fate.

This article contains spoilers for Captain Marvel #22

Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, has proven once again that she would sacrifice anything in order to protect others. Her fight for justice has put her in some precarious situations in comics past. Through it all, she has always pulled through, but nobody can fly free of danger forever. Captain Marvel #22 has revealed the final fate for this fan-favorite Avenger.

The issue begins with Captain Marvel and War Machine roaming the streets of New York. They are eventually met by Spider-Woman and Hazmat, who congratulate Carol on her reinstatement into the Air Force. The celebration does not last long before they are interrupted by a vine-like creature that restrains the heroes. Captain Marvel manages to break free, but finds herself waking up in a mysterious location.

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However, she does not wake up alone. The group of people that find her as she regains consciousness notice her as Captain Marvel almost immediately. A man identifies himself as Gerry Drew, the son of Jessica Drew (aka Spider-Woman), as he informs her that she is now in the year 2052. It seems that she has traveled to the future without any of her teammates. Not only does she have no idea how she got there, but she has no idea how she can get back home.

Captain Marvel The End Comic Cover Art

The familiar face of an elder Jessica Drew soon arrives, giving Carol some solace in her sticky situation. This allows Carol to ask some questions about the world she has found herself in. Jessica explains that the current world only exists due to a sacrifice made by Carol one year earlier. Heroes on Earth rigged a signal to the Universe as a call for help. Carol answered the call, but realized that Earth had more problems than the one at hand, and to save the human race, she flew into the sun.

While this story shocks Carol Danvers, fans of Captain Marvel may recognize this storyline all too well. In an editor’s note within the issue, there is a subtle callback to Captain Marvel: The End. The Kelly Thompson comic from January highlighted a catastrophe that could only be battled by Captain Marvel. The issue features a few of the characters seen in Captain Marvel #22 as well, including Gerry Drew, Hazmat and Emma Frost. It takes place in 2051, and ends with Carol Danvers flying into the sun in order to keep it from dying.

With such strong parallels, and a firm editor’s note, this latest issue of Captain Marvel confirms that the events that unfold in Captain Marvel: The End must be the hero’s final fate. The canon confirmation may break the hearts of Captain Marvel fans, but it stays true to the admirable values of the Avenger herself. She has always been one to take on the responsibility of protecting the human race from danger, and this sacrificial act perfectly encapsulates what makes Captain Marvel just so powerful.

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