Control: How to Earn Ability Points (The Easy Way)

Control: How to Earn Ability Points (The Easy Way)

Control gives players mind-bending abilities to wreak havoc in the world around them. This guide will explain how earn ability points the easy way.

Remedy Entertainment’s latest masterpiece, Control, won tons of awards for good reason. Not only is it a great cerebral mystery, but it’s also a fantastic example of level design. Throughout the game, players “control” Jesse Faden as she explores the Federal Bureau of Control and an ominous building known as the Oldest House. Things in the Oldest House are not as they seem as rooms shift around, departments warp into different dimensions, and the FBC’s experiments get unleashed throughout the course of the game.

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It’s a real head-trip of a Metroidvania-style game—Jesse will be able to openly explore the Oldest House and discover things along with plenty of freedom. As she does so, she’ll gain an assortment of supernatural powers. In the beginning, players will often be scrambling around for cover, getting off only a few shots when possible. But by the end, Jesse will quite literally be flying around, telekinetically pulling off chunks of the wall and hurtling them at her foes. To get there, though, players will need to progress their abilities. This guide will explain how to get ability points the easy way.

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How do ability points work in Control

Control Screenshot Village

In Control, progressing abilities happens through skill trees, with one tree for each of Jesse’s main stats. She has an ability tree for total Health, total Energy, Melee damage, Launch damage, Shield strength, Seize duration, and Levitation duration. Each tree can be advanced by putting in ability points.

Ability points can become hard to come by at certain points during the game. The easiest way to get ability points is simply by completing missions and side missions. After the first mission, story missions will earn the player 4 ability points. Side missions can also be completed for more ability points, although at different rates:

  • A Good Defense: 4 ability points
  • A Captive Audience: 3 ability points
  • What a Mess: Clear the Clog: 3 ability points
  • What a Mess: Burn the trash: 2 ability points
  • A Merry Chase: 2 ability points

The quickest way to earn ability points is simply to play the game and complete missions. Keep in mind, completing Bureau Alerts will not earn the player any ability points whatsoever. More ability points can be unlocked by finding hidden areas throughout the game, but each area only gives players one ability point, and many of these locations are not accessible until near the end of the game, once you’ve unlocked the levitation ability. By this point, the player will have earned plenty of ability points just by completing missions, and Jesse Faden should be more than ready to head into the exceptional DLC area, the Foundation.

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Control is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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