Daredevil is Swallowed by Symbiotes in King in Black Crossover

Daredevil is Swallowed by Symbiotes in King in Black Crossover

Daredevil is set to face off with Knull in December’s King in Black crossover event, and the cover shows him getting swallowed by a symbiote army.

The Venom symbiote has bonded with so many Marvel superheroes over the years: Captain Marvel, Drax the Destroyer, Red Hulk, X-23, and even Deadpool. This January, Daredevil finally gets his turn, as he finds himself consumed by not one, but a whole host of symbiotes.

In Daredevil #26, Matt Murdock will literally be in over his head as he joins Marvel’s next mega-event, King in Black, in a two-parter by Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checcetto, with help from new series artist Mike Hawthorne. The tie-in issue comes on the heels of December’s Daredevil #25, the culmination of a tumultuous year in which the Man Without Fear abandoned his costumed identity, got caught in the middle of a street war between Mayor Wilson Fisk and his rivals, the Stromwyn twins, and ended up behind bars, awaiting judgment for actions that led to a man’s death. In-keeping with comic book tradition, Matt has no time to rest before charging straight into battle with Knull, the dark god of symbiotes, along with his unkillable ex, Elektra Natchios herself.

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Knull made his first full appearance in 2018’s Venom #3, based on a nameless being introduced in Thor: God of Thunder #6. His origins, however, stem back to the birth of the Marvel Universe, with the dark god creating All-Black the Necrosword and slaying one of the Celestials, those cosmic humanoids created by Jack “The King” Kirby.  Its severed head would go on to become Knowhere, the interdimensional crossroads often used as a bolthole by the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Knull King in Black Comic Art

Knull is an incredibly powerful force who commands an army of symbiote dragons, so when he hits the Big Apple, fans can be sure that Daredevil will be in for the fight of his life. Marvel’s heroes have actually had plenty of warning that Knull is on the approach, giving them time to prepare the proper defenses to turn back this cosmic threat. Despite that prep time, it seems that Earth’s defenders may not be up to the task of defeating this primordial evil, and the cover for Daredevil #26 shows Matt Murdock being subsumed in a sea of symbiotes.

With his control over symbiotes and their ability to bond with super-powered hosts, the battle against Knull is likely to be one in which every fallen hero becomes a devastating enemy, and where even the symbiote god’s cannon fodder are actually just civilians who the heroes have sworn to protect. With Daredevil’s life in disarray and the guilt of having killed a criminal hanging over him, will he struggle to fight against enemies who are being controlled, or will a good old-fashioned space monstrosity offer a welcome respite from the moral twists and turns of Daredevil’s recent adventures? Check out Daredevil #26 to find out.

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