Everything to Know About Amir Malik

Everything to Know About Amir Malik

Amir Malik, 20 years old, continues to defy the odds on American Ninja Warrior. The Vermont native has been whipped through to the semifinals.

Fans are loving Amir Malik’s domination on the American Ninja Warrior course. The 20-year-old Vermont native has been flying through the new obstacles on season 12 and receiving praise from the hosts and viewers. Here’s everything we know about Amir “Sonic” Malik.

Amir is the newest rookie on American Ninja Warrior. Early this month, he earned himself a spot in the semifinals after he passed a qualifying round at a competition in St. Louis, Mo. During his first run, hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila informed viewers how Amir has been an ANW fan since he was a child and always knew he wanted to compete on the show one day. However, the odds were against Amir from childhood. Hailing from Essex Junction, VT, at just 9 years old he told his parents that he felt something “funny” in his heart. He soon learned his condition after being diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome — an electrical anomaly that causes a rapid heartbeat. Doctors told Amit that he couldn’t participate in sports because it could cause him to go into cardiac arrest.

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By the time he reached 14, Amir had a catheter ablation surgery that set him on the course for good health. According to Vermont’s Seven Days, the skilled athlete has felt fine ever since. Following the success of the surgery, the teen sought to obtain his dream of appearing on American Ninja Warrior. He began training at the Vermont Ninja Warrior Training Center at Regal Gymnastics Academy in Essex. Amir has since built his own ninja obstacle course in his backyard where he trains and teaches other aspiring ninja warriors. He told the outlet that “confidence” is key to being a true ninja warrior.

Back in February, Amir took to Instagram to share his excitement with being cast on the show. “I didn’t tell very many people, but this year I entered a submission video for American Ninja Warrior season 12,” he shared in the video’s caption. “I wasn’t old enough last year to apply, so it was the first year and I’m very excited to say that I got the call back,” he shared before explaining how his dreams are coming true. “All I can say is, that this has been a dream of mine for a long time and I’m so grateful and excited for this opportunity.” 

Now, as a competitor on the show, Amir shares photos from his Ninja Warrior adventures. He makes sure to include his signature “Sonic” logo as much as he can.

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Source: Vermont’s Seven Days, Amir Malik

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