Everything To Know About The Triplets From Episode 1

Everything To Know About The Triplets From Episode 1

Floor Is Lava is “the hottest game show in history.” The latest new reality TV line-up, the show has managed to dominate its Top 10 feature as well.

Netflix has called Floor Is Lavathe hottest game show in history.” The latest in the platform’s new reality TV line-up, the show has managed to dominate its Top 10 feature as well. Floor Is Lava has been trending for almost a week now owing to its offbeat approach towards the game show format.

Be it the simple to understand rules or the hours of binge-watching it provides, Netflix has cracked the code with Floor Is Lava for perfect lockdown entertainment. But amongst these things, there’s also the show’s contestants that provide some hilarious and memorable moments across its 10 episodes. Teams of three with three members in each compete against wobbly couches and a raging pool of lava as they race towards the exit. One such team that fans can’t seem to get enough of is The Virzi Triplets.

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Netflix’s Floor Is Lava has contestants re-enact the popular childhood game, where one used to pretend that the floor is lava while traversing booby-trapped rooms. The show’s family-friendly format caught the audience’s attention since Day 1, making it unexpectedly top Netflix’s charts for seven consecutive days, also being the first game show to do so. With each episode featuring a different kind of room – from a basement to the kitchen – the ’90s Nickelodeon-esque show follows the simplest set of rules. Everything in the room can be used in play, each player that reaches the exit gets a point, and the team that’s the quickest or has more members wins. Imagination, agility and foxiness are all that’s required for a contestant to avoid the lava, race towards the exit and win $10,000 (plus a lava lamp.) Host Rutledge Woods keeps everyone engaged with his ace NASCAR-style commentary as he makes each contestant more endearing by adding the right amount of humor to their personalities. The contestants could be groups of family members, colleagues, or even bar-hopping gym buddies – each bringing their own brand of entertainment to the Netflix game show. Episode 1 introduced the viewers to one such team, The Virzi Triplets. Donning matching sets of tank-tops and shorts, the super interesting group of brothers got most people talking. A few wondered where they’d seen the “hot” triplet team before, while some described them as “another level of cringe” (which even the brothers themselves took notice of.) Regardless of the opinions, the Virzis did garner a few inquisitive eyeballs. So, here’s everything to know about The Virzi Triplets before the game show veterans make an appearance on the small screen again.

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Following the simple strategy of, “yell until something happens,” the triplets shared how they’ve got an edge over the other teams in Floor Is Lava as they’ve been competing with each other their entire lives. Branding themselves as the closest teammates anyone could physically and biologically have, they came to the show with a clear intention – to earn bragging rights. According to their website VirziTriplets, Alex, Mitchell, and Sean Virzi are identical triplets and stand-up comedians born and raised in Los Angeles. Although they’re of the same age, they revealed that Alex was born first, then came Sean and later followed the youngest of the three, Mitchell. The 26-year-olds speak about having been featured on Netflix, America’s Got Talent, ABC’s The Gong Show, TBS’ Angie Tribeca and Hulu. Describing themselves as man-children, they reveal that their old school Italian upbringing usually tends to clash with their millennial Los Angeles environment. Whether it’s them joking about ridiculous current trends, their “crazy” family, their unique experience as triplets or even mocking themselves for their own subtle differences, the Virzis say that they tackle all issues with warmth and an edge that naturally comes to them from being brothers. “These three are more than happy to unload a lifetime of dirty laundry leaving the audience feeling like they are just part of the family,” add The Virzi Triplets, which is quite evident from their appearance on Floor Is Lava. They also had created an hour-long show which they’d written together titled The Virzi Triplets Variety Show. Set in an improv format, it featured The Triplets playing “narcissistic, idiotic versions” of themselves. In 2016, they launched their own podcast called “The Virzi Triplets Podcast” where they ranted about sports, current events, and things that “don’t really matter.” The trio has also appeared on advertisements for a couple of popular brands like Colgate and Mastercard as child actors. Mastercard even re-hired them in 2017 for a campaign, 15 years after their first appearance. Next, they were seen on Mike Myers’ hosted, The Gong Show, where they presented a hilarious work-out routine to celebrity judges Chelsea Handler, Will Arnett and, Ken Marino. Their quirk and wit managed to earn them a perfect 10 out of 10 score from Handler. They appeared on 2018’s season 13 of America’s Got Talent as a comedy trio act, where they got voted “Yes” by all the judges, Howie Mandel, Mel B., Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell.

However, they failed to make it to the Top 72. The brothers revisited their podcast days with “Nothing Serious” in 2019 where they interview comedians, actors, models, and influencers about various light-hearted topics. Some of the recent guests who’ve been a part of the podcast include Jeff Zenisek, Griff Pippin, and Ali Spagnola. Not too long ago, they’ve also been on a commercial for Spectracide and are at present seen sharing a parody of HGTV’s Property Brothers, called The Property Triplets on their Instagram.

The Virzi Triplets also have a fourth brother, Mike, who happens to be just 15 months older than them. A Mother’s Day post with their Mom and Mike that they shared in May this year was captioned with, “She had 4 boys in 15 months and is the sweetest, most caring person ever. We love you! (One of the very few pics all her boys are smiling for.)” With their identical fashion sense – who can ever forget the tank tops – and their typical self-deprecating humor, The Triplets has already started gaining a fan-base online. Quite active on their social media platforms, the brothers reply to or retweet any form of appreciation (or jab) that comes their way. A user called @omgwb even tweeted about there being “serious ramifications” if Floor Is Lava didn’t get The Virzi Triplets back for season 2.

Meanwhile, the Netflix show is also having its fans constantly question certain mysterious elements that add to the overall likability of the game. Some are curious about what happens to the contestants after they slip and slide into the lava, while others want to know what exactly the raging red liquid is made of. Fans have been constantly posting questions about the lava’s contents and if it’s actually as warm as it appears to be. But in spite of the multiple theories floating around the Internet, both Netflix and the show’s producers have remained tight-lipped about these secrets. However, when asked by a user if the show uses a trick floor to make the contestants disappear, The Virzi Triplets humorously replied with, “what trick floor?”, adding that it was a real pool of “lava” that they land in. Apparently they still have the burns to prove it.

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