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Google Assistant Now Lets You Control Every Device with your Voice

The Google Assistant gets a bit smarter, thanks to new tools for developers that Google has released. That way you can control every device with your voice.

Google Assistant SDK update available

By default, the Google Assistant is already on almost every Android smartphone and tablet that has appeared in the past. Google’s ambitions for the voice-controlled assistant, however, reach much further. Not only in the form of the Google Home speakers for the living room, but also with a set of tools for developers that released the company earlier this year.

The Google Assistant SDK, as this set of tools is called, allows developers to add the assistant to virtually any other device. From other speakers to the thermostat to your fridge: in theory, the SDK is compatible with almost everything. An update released by the company this week makes the assistant even more versatile.

Google Assistant: Think about your own questions

Developers can now come up with and add actions to the Google Assistant themselves. Previously, only the ‘standard questions‘ worked, but you could not control a device with your voice. So you could ask your refrigerator for the weather, but not to lower the temperature a little. The update makes that possible so that in theory almost every device can be controlled entirely with your voice.

The update also offers some improvements that have been available for the Google Assistant on other devices for some time. For example, assignments and answers in text form are now also supported, for devices without a microphone or speakers. In addition, German, Dutch, French and Japanese are supported. Finally, each device can now be provided with its own GPS location. So your refrigerator is aware of the weather in the neighbourhood and tells a speaker which stores on your street are still open.

Interested developers and device builders can download the Google Assistant SDK for free. All tools can be found on the Google site.

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