LG G7: Latest Rumours About its Features

LG will replace fingerprint reader with Iris scanner...

LG in 2017 has released two excellent devices: V30 and G6. Both equipped with a fingerprint reader on the back and a facial recognition system through the front camera. However, by 2018 it seems that the Korean brand wants to introduce an iris scanner in its LG G7.

LG G7: Features

The fingerprint reader is no longer a novelty. It seems that manufacturers are looking for other, even simpler, ways to unlock the device, in this case with the shape of our iris. It will probably be a slow road and I do not think everyone will sign up at the beginning, a bit like what’s happening with removing the headphone jack, I guess.


We already have some alternatives to the fingerprint reader in circulation. One of these is the Face ID integrated into the iPhone X. The other is the iris scanner adopted by Samsung in its S8, S8 + and Note 8. The latest rumours that run through the network make it clear that LG will follow this last path, but adopting a different solution to that of its rival.

The LG patent shows a sensor that acts as a front camera and iris scanner at the same time. Although, the infrared LED found in Samsung devices was not incorporated into this LG phone based on the rumours, but it has an all-in-one module which can be used for selfies and for unlocking the device. A more economical solution with the space that we will probably see in the G7.

LG could, therefore, completely eliminate the fingerprint reader or could maintain both to offer users the possibility to choose.

LG G7: what else do we know?

At the moment we do not have any image that shows the device and on the specifications side, it just seems that the G7 will mount the powerful Snapdragon 845 processor. Surely the G7 also has a screen with 18: 9 format similar to the one we can see in the V30 and OLED technology.

To know what the G7 will offer, there is not much left. According to speculations of  The Investor, the smartphone could present something of the expected. Specifically during the CES of Las Vegas in January or, at most, in Barcelona, during the MWC.

What would you like to find in the G7? What do you think LG should do to make users fall in love with their future flagship?

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