Neon Genesis Evangelion Coming To Blu-ray In North America Next Year

Neon Genesis Evangelion Coming To Blu-ray In North America Next Year

The acclaimed and beloved anime Neon Genesis Evangelion will be getting a North American Blu-ray release for the first time in 2021.

The acclaimed anime Neon Genesis Evangelion is getting a North American Blu-ray release in 2021. The show is largely considered to be one of the greatest anime of all time. Evangelion aimed to be a subversion of the mecha anime genre, opting to focus on the characters’ psychology rather than bombastic robot battles. The show had been notoriously difficult to view legally in North America for many years, which is why Netflix’s announcement that the entire show would be available on the platform was such a big deal.  However, there was still no North American Blu-ray release or any way to rent the show or its related movies on VOD.

GKIDS has announced that they will release the entire Evangelion series on Blu-ray in 2021. They will also release the movies Evangelion: Death (True)2 and The End of Evangelion. The series and those two films will also be available on VOD at the same time. The Rebuild of Evangelion, a series of films that serve as a remake (and possibly a sequel) of the show, will not be part of this release.

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This marks the first time Evangelion has been released on Blu-ray in North America, something that western fans of the series have long been asking for. There have been several Japanese Blu-ray releases, but importing them proved to be too difficult and expensive for most. For Eva fans without Netflix accounts, this will surely be good news.

Check out the full press release below:

NEW YORK (October 3, 2020) GKIDS, the acclaimed producer and distributor of animation for adult and family audiences, announced it has acquired North American theatrical, home video and EST rights to the critically-acclaimed NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. Included in the landmark deal are the original twenty-six episode television series, NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, as well as the films EVANGELION: DEATH (TRUE)2 and THE END OF EVANGELION. All three properties will be released on Blu-ray and on digital download-to-own in 2021. This is the first time NEON GENESIS EVANGELION will be available on Blu-ray in North America.

The deal, finalized on the eve of the storied saga’s 25th anniversary, was negotiated by GKIDS’ President David Jesteadt and King Records.

Created by Hideaki Anno, the NEON GENESIS EVANGELION television series is considered one of the most influential animated series of all time. Since its 1995 premiere in Japan, the story of teenager Shinji Ikari has remained one of the most iconic titles in animation history, and a global pop culture phenomenon.

Neon Genesis Evangelion was one of the first titles that transformed my idea of what animation is truly capable of,” said GKIDS’ President David Jesteadt. “GKIDS was created with the intent to distribute the best animation in the world, and it’s an honor to help share such a groundbreaking work with North American audiences in new formats.”

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