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Remindee uses your share button for easy reminders on Android

Android apps for annotations, reminders and to-do lists are more than enough. Remindee distinguishes itself by making adding new memories easy.

Smart Reminder app for Android with Remindee

If you are sitting on your smartphone all day, you will probably encounter things that you want to keep for later. A cat video to send to your partner, a long article to read just before bedtime, or a device that you want to buy as soon as you have money. Usually, you save something like this to your bookmarks or a reminder app. However, if you do not pay attention, that list is so filled with hundreds of pages.

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With Remindee it is a lot easier to keep track of everything. As soon as you add a new reminder to the app, you immediately link a time to it. Then you will receive a notification from Remindee at that chosen time. For example, choose a reminder about an hour, or let the app warn you again in a year.

Moreover, the creation of new reminders is incredibly easy. You do that via the share button of Android. That button is already standard on almost every website, app or photo. Press the button, choose ‘Remindee’ in the list of apps that pop up, and you’re done. If desired, you can provide the reminder with notes and a description.

How does it work?

Just tap the share button in any app for which you intend to create content you want the app to remind you about, hit “Remind Me”, and then set the time & date you want to be reminded about – done! This does not require you to leave the app you’re in before you can get it done!


Also, you can create a reminder with anything by just copying the text! This is highly useful when you wish to create a reminder based on a text message you just received.

However, Use it to remind yourself to reply to that Tweet or Facebook post, to read that webpage article later, to book those tickets when they’re released, to call or email that person.. the options are literally endless!

Download Remindee for Android

Remindee can be downloaded from the Play Store via the link below. The app is completely free and works on any smartphone with Android 4.1 or higher.

Download Remindee Here

Do you use best alternative reminder apps to Remindee? Share your experience in the comment box below.

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