Shanling MTW100 True Wireless Earbuds | Price, Review and Specs
Shanling MTW100

Shanling MTW100 True Wireless Earbuds | Price, Review and Specs

Introducing the Stunning Shanling MTW100

Shanling MTW100, the latest product launched by China’s another brand Shanling. While, Introducing the (TWS) True Wireless Segment, the MTW100 comes with a simple setup and smart surrounding awareness mode so that you can enjoy true wireless freedom everyday and everywhere with it’s cool gesture controls, great mic quality and not last but the least sweat resistance for all your sports and outdoor activities like Travelling, Workout and many more.

Shanling MTW100 offers Impressive Battery Life

The Shanling MTW100 offers an impressive 6 hours of battery life for the dynamic driver earbuds and 7 hours of battery life for the balanced armature driver variant. Overall, the battery life (including the case) of the dynamic driver variant and BA earbuds is 21 hours and 24 hours respectively. However, you can enjoy almost a full day of music with it’s amazing battery backup.

Automatic and Compatible Connectivity

With Bluetooth v5.0 you can enjoy a stable and efficient connection without fearing dropouts in the signal. SBC and AAC further helps in making these earbuds compatible with all kinds of devices available in the market that supports bluetooth. MTW100 earbuds will automatically pair and connect to the device as soon as you pick them from the charging case.

Clean & Clear Calls with Perfect Fit

Shanling MTW100 Earbuds are Fitted with an advanced DSP microphone, Which provides you clear call quality as well as reduced surrounding noise giving you a more natural voice. Though, being lightweight (Weighing around 4.7g) Shanling MTW100 Earbuds ensures that you can listen to your favorite music without feeling any kind of tiredness or ear pain while giving you a better and more secure fit.

Offering Stereo mode & Mono mode

Shanling MTW100 also allows you to use these wireless earbuds as either a mono earbud to receive calls or you can switch to stereo mode for music.

Mono mode :-

  • Most interesting fact is, Each earphone can be used independently with the help of Mono mode, while it still preserves full access to your calls and Surrounding Awareness mode

Stereo mode :-

  • Enjoy your music and movies to their fullest possible potential

Sweat Resistant and Waterproof Design

The MTW100 comes with IPX7 certification which enables you to enjoy your music without being worried about getting them damaged from water in rains and swimming or from sweat while working out. Though, you can enjoy your Shanling MTW100 Wireless Earbuds everywhere From casual listening to workouts and outdoor activities you can use these earbuds for almost everything which makes them an all-rounder.

Shanling MTW100 Wireless Earbuds Technical Specifications According to Drivers

Shanling MTW100 BA ( Balanced Armature Driver ) specs:

  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0 Technology for easy connection
  • AAC codec
  • IPX7 water-proof (heavy rain and sweat resistant)
  • 7 hours of battery backup ( listening on a full charge )
  • Charging case offers an additional 24 hours of battery backup
  • It comes with a USB-C charging cable and 7 sets of ear tips

Shanling MTW100 Graphene Dynamic Driver specs:

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • AAC codec
  • IPX7 water-proof (heavy rain and sweat resistant)
  • 6 hours listening on a full charge
  • Charging case offers an additional of 21 hours of battery backup
  • Comes with 7 sets ear tips and a USB-C charging cable

Out of Box Contents

The MTW100 comes with a tiny and easy to carry box. On the front is an image of the earpieces, the same colour as the ones within (Note: white for the dynamic driver, red and black for balanced armature driver). On the back there is a list of some of the specs. What you will be getting inside the box is listed below:

  • Shanling MTW100 wireless earbuds
  • 6 pairs of silicone eartips
  • Charging case with USB Type-C port
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Matching colour wrist strap
  • User guide/warranty card

Shanling MTW100 Pros and Cons

Sweat Resistant and Waterproof Design with IPX7 RatingNo volume control on earpieces
Monitor/Awareness Mode
Excellent Form Factor
Secure and Comfortable Fit
Smooth Sound Signature with Lightweight Design
Impressive Battery Life
Automatic and Compatible Connectivity

Last but not Least : Shanling MTW100 Conclusion

As of now you may have gone through all the detailed specs of Shanling MTW100 and we believe that you may also have loved it. Shanling MTW100 Wireless Earbuds sounds great and it has the form factor and comfort of a regular earbuds and comes with a small and very easy to carry charging case (Weighing around 39.5g). There is another great feature you should look at, The external noise monitoring feature is like more than enough feature to have, beyond that the battery life is like yellowish than gold in current TWS offerings. After reviewing Shanling MTW100 we came to conclude that Shanling MTW100 wireless Earbuds Provides you best in the market features with complete package. So, In our opinion MTW100 is one of the top picks as per budget and features due to which we highly recommend MTW100.

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