Superman Raised The Titanic (But Kept It For Himself)

Superman Raised The Titanic (But Kept It For Himself)

Superman’s Fortress of Solitude contains many unusual treasures, not the least of which being the Titanic, which he’d raised and reconstructed.

The Fortress of Solitude is one of the great wonders of the DC Universe. Built by Superman using Kryptonian technology, the Fortress has housed some of the Man of Steel’s greatest trophies. Some comics reveal Superman has an entire interplanetary zoo in his Arctic stronghold as well as several alien weapons and gadgets, statues of his Kryptonian parents, and many other treasures from across the galaxy.

Some of Superman’s most prized possessions, however, come from Earth itself – like the Titanic. That’s right, the Man of Steel not only secretly raised the Titanic, he restored the ship to its former glory. Rather than donate the doomed vessel to a museum, however, Clark Kent had a much more unusual use for it…

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In All-Star Superman #2, Superman, after learning he was going to die soon from excessive sun radiation, revealed he was really Clark Kent and flew Lois Lane to the Fortress of Solitude for a date. Wanting to make their night a special one, Superman gave Lois a tour of the Fortress’ many wonders, showing her his time telescope and even some of the weapons he’d confiscated over the years. Lois also saw that Superman had kept several other amazing trophies, including a Time Bubble used by the Legion of Superheroes and a possibly recreated (or restored?) Space Shuttle Columbia.

When it came time for dinner, Superman had a very interesting venue in mind. Revealing he had restored the entire Titanic, Lois and Superman had dinner in the stateroom. Superman even revealed their dinner was taken from the actual Titanic’s menu and that he’d gathered the ingredients and cooked the meals himself. Although he acted as if he kept the ship for these special occasions, it’s equally possible that Superman eats his meals in the Titanic when he hangs out in his Fortress alone.

Superman Raised Titanic in Fortress of Solitude

Lois found all of these revelations unusual and maintained a skepticism that Superman was actually Clark Kent, as it seemed strange he would suddenly be so honest with her. For his part, Superman chose not to reveal his illness and was saddened by the idea that this could be one of their last moments together. Unable to be completely honest with Lois about his motivations, the dinner became a somber affair.

Superman had a bit more luck later, once he revealed he’d created a special serum and costume for Lois that would give her superpowers like his for the next twenty-four hours. The two reconciled, with Lois feeling thrilled at the idea of not just flying but being able to experience the world the way Superman did. The two ended up having a grand date, fighting monsters and dancing in Atlantis before Lois finally returned home, showing that as cool as it might be to have the Titanic in your living room, sometimes pomp and circumstance should take a backseat to sheer physical exhilaration.

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