Supernatural Behind-The-Scenes Trailer Shows Season 15’s Focus On Goodbyes

Supernatural Behind-The-Scenes Trailer Shows Season 15’s Focus On Goodbyes

The cast and crew of Supernatural prepares to say goodbye to the show they’ve worked on for 15 seasons in a special behind-the-scenes teaser.

A special behind-the-scenes trailer for Supernatural season 15 shows the on-set shenanigans of the cast and gives a sneak peek of what’s to come. The first set of season 15 episodes has already premiered, but viewers are still waiting on the season’s conclusion. The soon-to-premiere second half of Supernatural’s fifteenth season will also be its last, since the CW has officially canceled the show.

Supernatural was actually scheduled to end much earlier, but production was delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But despite the significant schedule changes, Supernatural co-showrunner Andrew Dabb has confirmed that the main storyline of the series finale hasn’t changed. The show finally completed filming just last month and will release the first of the new episodes on October 8th.

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The behind-the-scenes trailer was posted by Shaving People Punting Things, a YouTube channel run by the post-production team of Supernatural that has previously posted similar teaser trailers. This one, titled “Au Revoir,” includes a combination of bloopers and clips from the show edited in an emotional montage. Aside from the main cast, the crew of the show all appear to be wearing masks, showing how they are adhering to social distancing guidelines. Based on this video, we can see that these last few episodes will have a lot of violence in store. In one clip, a masked makeup artist covers Jared Padalecki’s face in fake blood. In another, crew members hand Padalecki and co-star Jensen Ackles giant hunting knives in a dimly lit barn. For more examples, you can view the full teaser trailer below.

More importantly, however, is the emotional montage of season 15 clips at the end of the trailer. Padalecki and Ackles have previously talked about their strong emotions about concluding their work on Supernatural after 15 years, and this video echoes those sentiments. There are plenty of clips of main characters Sam and Dean sharing emotional moments together that we’ll get to see in full in the series finale. The teaser even opens with Padalecki slating for a shot by saying “au revoir familier,” giving the show one last goodbye on set.

Of course, fans may be experiencing these same emotions about this beloved show finally coming to an end. There is a chance that Supernatural could return in a different form. Jared Padalecki has even stated that he would return for a Supernatural feature movie, should that ever happen. In the meantime, these last few episodes will have to be enough for Supernatural fans to say goodbye to their favorite demon-hunting brothers.

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Source: Shaving People Punting Things/YouTube

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