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All You Have to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Chinese Mobile Phones

Buying Chinese Mobile Phones do come with dissatisfaction and don’t be cajoled by the low prices of many Smartphones produced from China. Are you into the importation of mobile phones from China? Or do you always shop on Aliexpress or Alibaba among other sites? If you do not pay attention to features and specifications of those devices, you could make some bad decision in the process; with dissatisfaction considering returning charges and policy.

China phones manufacturers play with prices, reduce profit margins, co-ordinate the marketing campaigns with an eye-catching device without contemplating, gambling on a picture or the design of such phones… There are various reasons why Chinese mobile phones have hit a good bite in the market.

Well-known companies like Meizu, Gionee, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo or One plus have played their cards very well to convince users who used to bet on technology giants like Sony, Samsung or even Apple. In addition, on this side of the world, we can also have access to other devices, much less famous, that continue to manufacture unique and completely perfect devices from the Asian market at affordable prices compared to other high-end devices.

When it comes to buying Chinese mobile phones, we have to walk with a lot of eyes open. Despite the globalization that has brought down almost all borders, there are several characteristics of those devices that may not fit the technological reality of our country. It is better safe than cure; we have summarized the aspects which requires more of your attention so that, you will not buy a device that only serves as paperweights.

1. Frequency bands

Note that the frequencies of the 3G and 4G LTE networks are not the same in China as in other Continent. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the Chinese mobile phones that we are going to buy operate without problems in the range of the radio space reserved for those signals in our country. While in Europe, the operators move in the range of 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz which comply with the atmosphere in Nigeria, in Asia and the Pacific are in the range of 450, 700, 850 and 900 MHz.

Although Smartphones equipped with Android usually employ the most common bands, it is worth paying close attention to this detail to avoid taking an unpleasant surprise when the device arrives home.

2. Operating System Versions

Most Chinese mobile phones firms such as OnePlus, Oppo or Meizu, Gionee do not incorporate Android into their phones as most users are accustomed to. Except for Huawei, which installs its own layer on the operating system of Google just like Samsung or Sony, the rest of these manufacturers choose to create their own versions of the same so as to adapt it more precisely to their terminals.

Many companies are limited to copy the designs of other companies such as Samsung or Apple without offering the same benefits.

In the case of Oppo, we will find Color OS, if we opt-in for OnePlus, we will use Oxygen OS, if we decide to go for Meizu will have Flyme OS installed and the operating system will be MIUI if it is a Xiaomi terminal.

The unknown Chinese brands speak only of Android to refer to its operating system. Of course, it’s rare to see some of this phone without modification in certain areas. For this very reason, we have to be clear that, with few exceptions, we will not use the software of Google in its purest version if we import a device from China.

3. Charger Pins/ Plugs

As with those used for example in the United Kingdom or North America, the charger plugs of some devices of Chinese companies may not fit the plugs we have at home. To solve this problem, it is not necessary to pull originality: adapter will be easy and simple. Of course, to avoid a headache when opening the box, it is convenient to know what type of charger the terminal will come with.

4. The Chinese Phone Camera

If you belong to the group of passionate photographers who do not miss the opportunity to share the episodes of their lives on Instagram, the cameras of Chinese branded phones may not be enough for you. The best thing to know about the performance of a camera is to read the reviews and comments of specialized pages. Often, taking a look at the features of lenses or megapixels is not enough.

5. Its Storage Capacity

As a general rule, Smartphones with 16 and 32 gigabytes of internal memory are required in the latest terminals of the most popular brands. In the case of Chinese mobile phones, this is not the case, except for those firms with a strong presence in the West.

When importing from China, the warranty that companies give us is usually one year and the repair can take time.

There is always an option to use microSD card (if supported) to increase the storage space of the device, but we must keep in mind that, Apps not saved on the phone (I mean on a memory card), do not respond well compared to those Apps installed on the internal memory.

6. The Screen of Chinese Mobile Phones

In order to reduce costs, many Chinese manufacturers that do not intend to compete with the Giants’ manufacturer of phones, have ruled out using Gorilla Glass to protect their screens. Especially, this habitual resource in the high-end mobile is one of its strategies to offer extremely competitive prices.

That is why it is not surprising that Chinese manufacturers of the second row do not make any mention of the material or protections that incorporate the screens of their devices. If we do not pay attention to this detail, the slightest scratch may force us to change terminals.

7. Technical Service: Repairs and Customers support

It’s general notion that, nobody is safe when the mobile phone falls on the ground and end up damaged, we must always be clear to where and to whom we have to resort to fixing the possible damages. It is important to know that when importing from China, the guarantee that the companies give us is usually one year.

To cover our backs, it is convenient not to be carried away by the low price of different products and to consult the opinions of other users. If everything goes well, there should be no problem and the brands should respond when it comes to repairing the devices. Of course, according to the experiences of some clients, the process can be long.

Some firms offer an efficient service. Of course, you will have to be the one who is responsible for sending the phone or tablet to China, whose charges will run on your own. Between going and going, yes, it may take about two months until you have the device back in your hands.

8. You May Need to install Google Play

Looking at the features and specifications in different online stores, most remote Chinese firms is usually specified if the pre-installed applications are located or not even Google Play. We must not trust each other, contrary to what usually happens on most popular brand terminals (even if they have their own version of Android as OnePlus or Meizu), we may have an inexpensive smartphone that does not include the default app store and we have to download it later.

9. Do Not Be Fooled by Appearances

Let us not be deceived, many companies are limited to copy, without any problems, the designs of other companies such as Samsung or Apple, of course without offering the features of the devices that make these brands. That’s why we have to be careful not to end up buying the cheap copy of that device that we would really like to have.

10. Buy them on a Trustworthy Website

To avoid falling into the trap we have raised in the previous point, if we have in mind to buy a cheap mobile phone from a Chinese manufacturer of the second row it is best to go to trusted online stores. Some of the most recommended by those who have already had the experience of buying a Chinese mobile are BanggoodComebuyAliexpress and Alibaba.

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