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This way you prevent Instagram from showing when you were online

With the latest version of Instagram, you can see immediately when your friends were online for the last time. The function…

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The best moments of 2017 that we have experienced in technology

We are already at the end of 2017 and we want to remember these moments with you: evolution, money, anniversaries,…

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Prevent An Overheated Smartphone in the summer with these 5 Tips

The temperatures have been on increase for some days now. You know perfectly how to stay cool and with these tips,…

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Do You Know That You can Read The Deleted WhatsApp Messages?

We have waited a lot to be able to delete some messages from WhatsApp, because until now any error was…

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10 Tricks To Save Battery on Your Smartphone

The battery…the eternal pending subject of Smartphones. Screens, applications in high definition, the power of processors … all components devour energy,…

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Hidden Codes on Android Phone That you should know

Your Android smartphone hides more options than our naked eye sees; mainly for hardware test, in the form of secret Android codes that…

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Android Device Manager: How To Find Your Lost or Stolen Phone in 5 Step

Finding your Android phone if you lost it or stolen from you can be possible with Android Device Manager, a…

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