What Is The Cost? Is It Worth The Investment?

What Is The Cost? Is It Worth The Investment?

A big event in comics is going to kick off in January 2021, but the bigger the event, the bigger the price of admission. What’s worth checking out?

Let’s face it, DC Comics’ Future State is exciting and promises to offer a lot to fans. The best part is that it isn’t so much a story event – like DC’s Endless Winter or Marvel’s X of Swords—but more of a glimpse into a future timeline where the multiverse has been altered by the finale of Dark Nights: Death Metal (also dropping in January 2021). What fans are getting is a creative new territory that some of the industry’s top minds have gotten to play in: New designs, new stories, and brand new characters.

DC Comic announced Future State will be a two-month, line-wide event. Two months is a pretty short timeframe for a project of this size and scope. How big is it exactly? Well, we’re getting: 7 titles in the “Batman Family”, 9 titles in the “Superman Family”, and 8 titles in the “Justice League Family”, as well as one whopping standalone Generations: Future State #1; for a grand total of 25 new books. If you’re a completionist or a big enough fan, that’s a hefty chunk of change to put down in order to “Discover the Destiny of the DC Universe”, especially considering the $7.99 (USD) cover prices on 64-page books like The Next Batman. According to the numbers seen on Bleeding Cool, the month of January ALONE is going to set you back about $125 (USD). Granted, not everyone is going to buy EVERYTHING and those who do don’t usually care about price tags. Nevertheless, the fact remains that, through January and February at least, the shelves at your local comic book shop are going to be filled with Future State content.

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Given that, if you can’t splurge on the full run, what’s worth picking up? Immortal Wonder Woman #1 may be worth considering. Here we find that Diana is the last member of DC’s Trinity who’s still standing: Superman has been exiled from Earth and has now become a gladiator on Warworld, and Bruce Wayne has adopted the new identity of Dark Detective in the new Magistrate-run Gotham City. What’s more, Wonder Woman’s redesign brings up some interesting questions, such as: why is she wearing Batman’s utility belt? Why does she appear to be wearing a piece of kryptonite around her neck? Is that part of Superman’s cape she’s wearing? Answers to these questions may provide additional details on the fate of Superman and Batman as well. Could be a good way to get more bang for your buck.

Speaking of Wonder Woman, with Future State comes the introduction of Yara Flor, the new Brazilian Wonder Woman – perhaps from the Amazon Rainforest (see what they did there)—who will be appearing in Future State: Wonder Woman, Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman, as well as Future State: Justice League. This is a brand new character entering the DC Universe, and one taking up the mantle of Wonder Woman no less. It would certainly be worth picking up a copy of one of her titles.

Another new entry in the comics, though not in the DC Universe as a whole, is fan-favorite character Red X in Future State: Teen Titans, who was first introduced in the hit 2003 animated series Teen Titans. Red X is a fascinating mixture of anti-hero and antagonist, with a secret identity that to this day remains secret. To add to the mystery, though the character appears in the main promotional image for the event, he does not appear on the cover of Future State: Teen Titans #1. It’s always interesting when popular characters make the jump into other mediums. Like Harley Quinn before him, Red X may be in for a bright resurgence.

It’ll be really easy for fans to get carried away with the offering DC’s Future State is presenting. Let’s hope DC Comics’ destiny is worth discovering, considering the price of admission.

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